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My name is Dana Harmon, I was born in Southern California in 1958 and I grew-up in Fresno.  My first experiences as an Artist was when I was in high school drawing portraits in pencils and charcoals.  I drew portraits of my friends and from pictures in drawing books.  But, most of the time I spent many hours at the Fresno Metropolitan Museum gazing at the fine art, especially being drawn in by Monet. 

I had always dreamed of becoming an Artist someday and being surrounded by "The Great's" made me feel like I was "at home".  I further expanded on my knowledge in Art History by taking a class at Fresno City College in 1985 after having my first son and while I could take some college classes after work.  Then, after my second son, was born in 1992 and many life changes, I moved to Bend, Oregon in 2012 and became a Clinical Medical Assistant (CMA). 

I am very passionate about taking care of my patients in Cardiology, and had not picked up a charcoal pencil let alone a paint brush or a palette knife until 2019 when my youngest asked me if I would paint with him. Apparently, that was like opening Pandora's Box and I have not stopped painting ever since.


I work primarily in heavy-bodied acrylics and secondary in oils.  My studio is currently in my home.  I am still a CMA in Cardiology during the day and painting during my off time.  My favorites are large-scale canvases but small sizes are great too especially in oils.  Commission pieces are also welcomed!  Please contact me at my email address DanaHarmon@DanaHarmonArt.com

The reason I love the heavy-bodied acrylics so much is the texture.  You can feel the paint image just popping off of the canvas!  You can see the image coming alive!  This is what I want the viewer to experience with my paintings; to become part of the experience and to feel something!  If I am setting out to paint a peaceful painting, you are going to see that and feel that in the sky, trust me.  If I am painting a forest you are going to feel the bark and the leaves.  

I am motivated by painting an experience for the buyer.  I want you to feel something from what I have painted.  It's either going to be from the image itself, the colors or the texture, or all of it.

Again, why do I create?  I am passionate about painting and I am driven at the same time.  I must paint.  Not only does it give me peace in my soul, by painting I am giving you peace, joy, happiness, and serenity on the canvas.  

My influences were Bob Ross, bless him for all the wonderful happy accidents and happy little trees he taught me, and other online art courses.  

My proudest moments so far are being able to show my art at Layor Art Supply and Gallery in Downtown Bend Oregon for the public to see my artwork, and then of course there is the selling of my art at the gallery, to personal friends, and the giving of gifts.   It feels amazing to know that my pieces are going to grace the walls of someone's home or office, or be given as a gift.  I am so humbled just knowing that people love and appreciate the art I have created and wish to put it on display. 



Secrets Under The Sea 36x60

Secrets Under The Sea was inspired by the beautiful underwater ocean photography by Richard Apple with AppleCorpsPhotography.com.  Richard has a keen eye for beauty and innovation, and has graciously granted permission for use of one of his beautiful Green Sea Turtle images as the star of this composition.  Richard consulted with me as I was painting this scene and I couldn't thank him more for his kindness in the several communications that we have had.   For more images of the undersea world please visit Richard's official website at AppleCorpsPhotography.com.  My painting will soon be featured at Layor Art Supply and Gallery in Downtown Bend Oregon.  This ocean scene was so much fun to do that I am hoping that it is just the start of many more to come! ~ Dana

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On Exhibit at Layor Gallery

1000 Wall St, Suite 110, Downtown Bend Oregon

We invite you to visit the Gallery to peruse the art by Dana Harmon. 


"Silver Lining On Hannah's Mountain"




First Friday Artwalks are from 5pm to 9pm.  Come and view all featured art from Dana and others at Layor.

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"The world is but a canvas to our imagination"

Henry David Thoreau