Spring Meadow 36x48

Spring Meadow 36x48

Beautiful large-scale landscape acrylic painting with blues, greens, purples, yellows, whites, flowers, aspens, grasses, meadow.  Peacefulness.  Great statement piece for any room. 


    36x48 Canvas, gallary wrapped, 1-1/2" deep, acrylic. This is a statement piece of art that will look amazing as a stand-alone piece on a large wall in a bedroom, over a sofa, or a dining room, as well as over a fireplace. Anywhere you need a large-scale colorful piece, this will compliment your decor with it's large Aspen forest that gives you a peaceful feeling that you can just simply walk right into. *This painting can be custom made in other sizes. Please ask gallery. Price to be determined based on size.


    This painting cannot be returned or refunded.


    Free shipping within the continental U.S. only. 


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